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  • About Maggie: "I was born in Alaska while my Dad was working as a new dentist on an Indian Reservation. I grew up in Washington State in a small town on the east side. I am a mom to a four year old boy. I drive him to school and head to my shop which is just down the street from his school. In my "free" time I cook a lot. I love to read and knit in the evenings too.
  • Maggie Evans Designs: "I offer lovingly handmade wedding gowns that are made to order. Many of my dresses feature visible hand-sewing, hand-knit details, woven details, or hand-dyed fabrics. Recently I've been experimenting with plant dyes and have made some really lovely bridal sashes. My dresses are a little edgy with a touch of romance and a lot of elegance. I use almost exclusively silks and natural fibers."
  • How she got started: "I've always sewn and designed my own clothing and doll clothing since I was very young. I went to college for textile art and learned to weave, bead, embroider, and dye fabric which gets incorporated into my wedding dress designs at various times. After college I got a job in downtown Seattle working as a seamstress for a bridal company and my sewing skills sky-rocketed. Running my own business has always been a dream and finally this past February, I opened my own little bridal studio in Boulder, CO."
  • Maggie's favorite handmade item: "Probably my own wedding dress!"
  • Her Dream: "I also have a background in Psychology, specifically Art Therapy. I'm beginning to explore the overlap of dress design and Psychotherapy. I see the wedding dress as a cocoon for the transformation from maiden into wife and there is so much of the emotional life that can surface in the process. My dream is for that exploration to be an integral part of my work with brides and their gowns." 
  • The passion behind her work: "I'm working to support my family doing what I love".
  • Favorite Women's Charity: "Brides Against Breast Cancer-worked with them earlier this year."
  • Her Motivation: "My artistic, intrinsic drive. My kiddo motivates me - I want him to know and have an example of someone following her dreams. My brides motivate me when they tell me what a great experience it is to see me, work with them. I love knowing that a woman can have a meaningful experience with her wedding dress and is not left feeling like she's just another paying bride."
  • Her Inspiration: "Nature, nature, nature. Music. Poetry. Sometimes Science."

Visit her store http://www.londynkate.com/store?stid=22


















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