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How do I register to buy from Londyn Kate?

On the homepage, look for the “Getting Started” tab, and then click on “Be a Member.” This will take you to the registration page. Click the “Register” button to start your profile. Please complete all fields with the appropriate information.
Note: You are required to have a PayPal account to purchase items from Londyn Kate.

 If I register as a Member, can I also register to be a Seller?

Yes. After you login, go to “Getting Started.” Then click on “Be a Seller.” You will then have the opportunity to quickly adapt your member profile to be a seller, too.

If I register as a Member and also as a Seller, is my login information the same?

Yes! You will be able to view both your member and seller profiles each time you login.

If I am a Member, what information will the Sellers/other Members be able to see about me on Londyn Kate?

Site visitors will see only the name and visual (e.g., a photo of you) you select for you Londyn Kate profile. See Section III of Privacy Policy http://www.londynkate.com/t,inner_design/p,Terms_Conditions#anchor_privacy

How do I change the email address or any profile information attached to my Londyn Kate account?

Login to your Londyn Kate account and select “My Profile.”  Enter the new email address or new information you wish to update in the account information section, and select “Save.”

I can't remember my user name or password. What should I do?

Go to the "Login" tab on the homepage and select "Member Login". Click the “I Forgot My User Name/Password” link. Please complete all fields with the appropriate information. An email will be sent to you promptly asking you to update your login information.


Make a Purchase

How do I purchase an item on Londyn Kate?

Click on the item you wish to purchase. Then select “Add to Cart.” If you have opportunity then to  “Checkout” or “Continue Shopping.”

Can I pay for my purchase with a credit card if I don't have a PayPal account?

    You are required to have a PayPal account to purchase items on Londyn Kate.

How do I pay the seller?

Londyn Kate will process the transaction and distribute funds to the seller via PayPal. See Sections IV.B in the Terms of Agreement for additional information.

How do I redeem a coupon or discount code?

You will have the opportunity to enter a coupon or discount code at checkout.

Why am I required to register before making a purchase?

There are a few reasons. Most importantly, it helps foster a community of “women helping women” if each member has a member name. It also allows the seller to contact the member if they have any questions regarding the transaction.

What happened to the items in my Shopping Cart?

We encourage you to act quickly, as items could sell while they are in your Shopping Cart. You will be notified if an item already has sold when you start the “Checkout” process. If that occurs, click on the seller’s shop to see if they have restocked that item. You also can click “Contact” in the seller’s store to see if and when the item might be available again for purchase.
If the item you are interested in wasn't sold, but is showing as “not available,” it's possible that the seller edited it while you reviewed your shopping cart contents. You can address this by removing the item from your cart and then adding it back in.

Can I purchase a Londyn Kate gift certificate?

   Not at this time, but we will be adding that feature soon!


Report a Problem

As a Member, how do I cancel a void or incomplete transaction?

If a transaction or order is void or incomplete, please contact Londyn Kate directly at info@londynkate.com to resolve the situation.  We promised to respond within 24 hours!

If I am issued a refund, am I also refunded the original PayPal transaction fees?

  • When we issue a full refund, we will credit your full variable transaction fee charged by PayPal (2.9% of the transaction amount).
  • When we issue a partial refund, we will credit a percentage of the variable transaction fee based on the amount of the refund.
  • Fixed fees - $0.30 USD per transaction - are not refundable.

As a Member, how do I report a problem with a transaction or non-delivery?

Londyn Kate is a venue of many individual sellers, each responsible for processing and shipping the orders placed in their shop. Londyn Kate is not able to provide shipping, return services, exchange services, warranties or disclaimers for any goods sold on the site. Sellers must create reasonable policies in good faith and must abide by such policies. All policies must comply with Londyn Kate’s policies. Sellers are responsible for enforcing their own reasonable shop policies. Londyn Kate reserves the right to request that a seller modify a shop policy.

Also see Terms of Use Section V.B.4 Listing and Selling http://www.londynkate.com/t,inner_design/p,Terms_Conditions#anchor_terms

Londyn Kate also reserves the right to remove sellers who are not abiding by reasonable policies and for whom have received multiple complaints.

What if I did not receive the order?

Please follow these steps:

  • Contact the seller directly. You can do this by clicking the email icon on the seller’s profile.
  • If the seller does not respond, you will need to contact PayPal's customer support for information on how to file a claim for refund. PayPal has a time limit for filing a dispute: you must open a claim within 45 days of the payment date.
  • If the PayPal deadline has passed, you can contact your bank or credit card vendor for information about filing a claim.

How do I report a problem with an item I received?

Londyn Kate is a venue of many individual sellers, each responsible for the quality of orders placed in their shop.

If you have an issue, follow these steps:


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