Londyn Kate FAQ

What is Londyn Kate?

With no fees to post, and a reasonable 3.5 percent commission fee only on items that sell, Londyn Kate offers a unique new community for women entrepreneurs. Here, shoppers can purchase one-of-a-kind gifts and help other women achieve their goals.  Read more here:


What is Londyn Kate’s Mission?

To help women succeed by doing what they love to do. So our philosophy for sellers is to make it fun, simple and profitable.

How is Londyn Kate Seller Focused?

  • We’ve made it EASY to set up your own online boutique.
  • It is always FREE to post your items for sale. You never pay anything until your item(s) sell.
  • And when your items do sell, we don’t use complex mathematical formulas to determine our commission. We take a flat fee only of 3.5 percent.
  • We don’t require you to post each item individually. If you have 25 bracelets of the same design to sell, you need post the item only once.
  • Payment is seamless for both buyers and sellers. Because we use PayPal, buyers will check out only one time, even if they wish to make purchases from multiple vendors. As a seller, PayPal ensures you will always get paid.
  • We want to support your sales efforts, so we will provide tools and ideas to help.

What is Londyn Kate’s Motto?

Where There’s a Woman, There’s a Way!

How is "Londyn Kate" pronounced?

“London Kate.”

How to contact Londyn Kate?

Please email info@londynkate.com. We promised to respond within 24 hours!

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