About Londyn Kate

For many years, Londyn Kate founder Kara Meairs envisioned a place where women could help women be successful. Grateful for the help and guidance she had received from women in her life, she felt compelled to create opportunities for other women. A young and visionary entrepreneur, she knew an online community could be accessible to most women. So Kara set out to create a virtual boutique.

She devoted herself to researching what worked about online sales – and what didn’t. She quickly realized women who created handmade goods often had many other things going on in their lives – jobs, families, school and more. She knew they were creating their wares for love, for money, or both! She understood it had to be easy for women to buy and sell on Londyn Kate. So she made that process simple and affordable.

With no fees to post, and a reasonable 3.5 percent commission fee only on items that sell, Londyn Kate offers a unique new community for women entrepreneurs. Here, shoppers can purchase one-of-a-kind gifts and help other women achieve their goals.

"I launched Londyn Kate because women are programmed to help other women; it’s part of who we are,” Thomas said. “By creating a consumer-friendly virtual boutique with the seller’s success in mind, Londyn Kate delivers on that concept. I believe where there’s a woman, there’s a way."

Londyn Kate was founded by Kara Meairs (read Kara's bio), a woman with a passion to help other women. Read Kara's blog.


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